March 11, 2013

Madhuri Malayalam Software

MADHURI for Windows,  helps you to draft letters in malayalam  without changing your keyboard. Please read the following instructions before downloading Madhuri.

Instruction for Windows- 2000/Me/XP/Vista
  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract it.
  • This will Extract 3 files, Madhuri.exe. Achayan.dll, Mfc42.dll and folder called font.
  • Install those fonts in to your computer. 
    •  To do that copy those fonts and go to c:/windows/fonts > and paste it there.
  • Create a shortcut on the Desktop by Click Right key of the mouse > New > Shortcut and Browse to Madhuri.exe
  • Now you can start typing in 'Manglish' (Malayalam words in English Alphabet)  in the lower part of the Madhuri window. For Example copy "sathyamEva jayathE!" and paste in Madhuri.
  • You can view Malayalam typing in upper part of the window
  • Please note that you can't Format the letters in Madhuri; For this you have to copy the typed matter from the upper part (displayed in malayalam) and past in MS Word. After Pasting, Press Ctrl + A (Select all) and change the font to 'Kerala'. This helps you to Format your typings ( Format means: Increasing the font size, Bold, Italic, Underline and Alignment) Also note that you are not able to type directly in MS Word.  For that you have to come back to Madhuri.
 To Download Click the following link.
Download Madhuri
How to Type Malayalam and some examples are follows

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